We have slowly fed up with the fucking situation concerning the Procella Vadens- and Meadows of Nostalgia – vinyl. The press plant has, and that is true, simply problems with the raw materials. But that fact cannot be an excuse for nearly 1 year now. Supreme Chaos Records is not to blame – as they are responsible for the communication with the pressing plant they ask several times a week about the status of the vinyl.We as a band don’t have any influence on the whole fucking situation anyway.

BUT: We don’t want to keep you waiting too long and are seriously considering reversing the orders if no valid informations are coming from the pressing plant in the very near future.It was and is very important to us to be honest and transparent with you. That’s how we’ve always done it. As said, we’re now thinking of a solution to end this shit. We will never let you down!

We will keep you updated!

Thank you for your understanding and your patience!

V & H / ID